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Why Women Reject Men

Don’t be the reason she walks away.

A woman wants a man who is confident, caring, and respectful. Someone who takes the time to show her she is everything and knows what she is worth.

She does not want to be objectified by your selfish sexual ways. She prefers to be your equal, side-by-side.

So while you may be busy immersing yourself with sexual ideas and fantasies, she is likely pursuing a man who is more suitable than a one night stand. Her rejection might sting like a sad song but she is letting you know she needs more than just a hook-up.

It won’t be easy if she’s worth it.

Her desires and needs are simple when it comes to wanting more than a friendship. You will want to be keen on relating, understanding, and giving her the respect she wholeheartedly craves.

When you speak her language, decoding becomes quite easy to get what you need in the relationship.

Here are 7 reasons why women reject men, sexually:

1. You act arrogant.

Talking about your life and only your life is so last year. You will have to learn to relate to her if you want her to desire you the way you prefer.

You naturally enjoy talking about the car you drive, where you live, and the places you go. However, she will definitely tune out when the conversation is centered around you.

She really could care less about the things you own when she can provide a life for herself. She is more curious on whether or not you have her best interest when establishing a genuine connection.

The “I’m Mr. Wonderful” attitude has got to go.

When it comes to bringing her closer to you, you will want to converse with her, not above or at her. So acting arrogant will keep you in the friend zone, as it’s really not her cup of tea.

2. You post pictures with other women.

Leading from your ego will definitely cause her to flinch. She despises a man who wants to flaunt his physique like a prize to be won at the carnival. She will have no desire to compete for your attention when you appear to be a skirt chaser.

Your pictures are screaming with insecurity.

While you’re busy glorifying yourself with all the ladies, you will find yourself losing her interest like a fly you can’t catch. She doesn’t want to be second fiddle to your bevy of girlfriends. When you make her feel like a number, she won’t want to be your number one.

3. You send her sexually explicit photos.

Leading with triple x-rated pics is sure to get you nixed. She will think you only want one thing: sex.

Women need to feel valued and appreciated before they are going to become vulnerable with you. They have no desire to engage in intimate relations if they sense you’re only seeking sexual gratification.

Having sex in the relationship will need to happen prior to sexting racy pics. Don’t make her your source of porn if you don’t want to end up scorned.

4. You forget to follow through.

When it comes to talking, the conversations between the two of you can become quite frustrating for her when your words are meaningless. You say you’ll do one thing, yet you never seem to follow through when it comes down to it.

She will start avoiding you like the plague while second-guessing whether you are the man for her. Your words will cost you.

For her to engage in any sexual activity with you, she will need to feel emotionally safe with you. And, lying or falling short without action will have her holding a steel shield to protect herself from you. You are bound to get shut down and be on a lonely hunt without her.

5. You are actively aggressive.

If you are trying to push things way too soon, she is bound to slam on the brakes. She isn’t looking to jump in bed, the same night you meet. She is looking to get to know you at an organic pace. If things move too quickly, she will feel like you’re only in it to win it.

Push her and the momentum will be lost.

Every woman knows a man has sexual desires but first, you’ll need to build up her desire by how you treat her. Moving at lightning speed will have her running for the door.

6. You curtail communication.

Keeping your communication at bay can prevent a connection from growing. If you don’t communicate she will refrain from unveiling herself because she will feel a lack of trust.

Communicating and developing a friendship with her shows her she is worth your time; thus, you are worth hers. Consistency in communication will be key.

You can’t go from blowing her phone up one day to being MIA the next. This will lead her to think you are not that interested in getting close to her or it’s only about what is convenient for you.

7. You have bad hygiene.

Showing up for your date smelling like last night’s takeout and in clothes that look like you changed the oil in your car is sure not going to win her over. She can’t even think of going to grab drinks with you, let alone staying over.

Showering is empowering. If you don’t look good, you probably won’t feel good. She will sense your lack of confidence which reeks worse than bad cologne. That is a huge turn off to women. They prefer a man who not only puts effort into the way he looks but also into the way he pursues her romantically.

Guys, if you happen to find yourself being rejected by women you’re interested in then it’s time to listen to the ladies and switch up your approach.

While sex is an innate desire between two individuals that are attracted to each other, the desire can quickly burn out when there is a lack of understanding and respect. Remember, take it slow and things will flow.


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