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Voice Your Value

Your Voice Is Your most powerful asset

In today's modern world, executives and entrepreneurs must navigate everyday challenges, such as work and family dynamics, communication barriers, and the constant pressure to achieve relationship success. Together, these skills create a foundation for thriving in life and business, leading to holistic success and fulfillment, yet often professionals face ongoing obstacles to reach their fullest potential. Jan Yuhas and Jillian Yuhas, have been teaching the importance of setting boundaries and negotiation skills for some time, but their valuable message is crucial for being heard and understood. The sisterly duo takes a "we" mindset approach to see each cornerstone of conflict as an opportunity for constructive conversations and growth. As relationship hiccups are bound to happen within the workplace or home, effective communicators can resolve conflict efficiently without letting it become detrimental to the connection, whereas those who lack the skills will likely avoid and deflect altogether. The emotions of feeling defeated, powerless, or insignificant along with poor communication skills can be crippling. Participants leave Jan and Jillian's talks with a new understanding of how they can set healthy boundaries, voice their value, and negotiate like a pro, where they feel heard and understood like a powerful Boundary Badass in the boardroom or bedroom.

Communication is so simple yet easily misunderstood with a lack of effective boundaries and negotiation skills

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