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Client Success Stories

Jill has been my coach for about six months now. I have seen a therapist my entire life, but Jill has actually been more beneficial to me. Rather than focusing on the past, Jill actually gives me advice, questions my opinions, and pushes me outside of my comfort zone. She has helped me not only with my relationships, but more importantly with my confidence. Jill has taught me how to set boundaries, as well as give perspective when I need it most. I feel as though I can talk to Jill about anything without judgment. She is able to provide the feedback and tools I need to succeed and today I'm happily engaged! 

Jessie, Los Angeles

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Being someone that typically is not in relationships I can say that the main benefit of being in a committed relationship is peace of mind. I live a high paced and high stress lifestyle due to work and the constant mental stress it puts on me. A relationship with the right person can give your life order and can ground you. When you stop focusing on what else might be out there and instead focus on what and who really makes you happy, at least a piece of your life becomes tranquil.

When I was younger the thought of running around and finding new people to date was fun, but I have come to realize that the positives of a solid relationship far outweigh any of these "perceived" thoughts.

Turns out the grass was never greener on the other side of the fence despite what my thoughts were trying to tell me.

Jan and Jillian were able to help me work through my perceived thoughts about commitment. They are great at understanding individuals, and helped me find a way to overcome my fears. I truly can't thank them enough, as I'm happily in a committed relationship today.

Connor, Miami

A few months ago, I found myself in a very unhappy place. I just ended another relationship, and at 47/never married I was beginning to think I needed to look deep within myself to see what was going on. In addition to struggling with that, I was also beginning to question my purpose.
Even though I was already involved with a psychologist, the day I met Jillian, I knew this was a journey worth taking with her. As we worked together, Jillian invested all of her knowledge and background in to understanding me. She made me feel very self aware of how I had been personally holding myself back. She has an immense amount of insight and background with so many areas of every day living (relationships and work). Thanks to Jillian, I have a much more confident and healthier mindset. Having our paths cross was truly a blessing to me.


Blair, Philadelphia

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I can not say enough positive things about Entwined Lifestyle. I worked with Jan for about 7 months and she genuinely changed my life for the better. Jan helped me to work through different relationships in my life and helped me to process stressful situations in a healthy way. I felt I could really come to Jan with anything and it was never minimized. Her process helped me to stay on a path of growth, even when I made mistakes. She is also very flexible in terms of finding a schedule that works for you. Jan is supportive, kind, honest and understanding but makes you work the process and it’s not always easy! That is the beauty of what Jan does, in a way where you actually feel the change from within because of the work you put into it.

Emily, Denver

This was my first experience doing lifestyle coaching. My coach was Jan and I spent 3 months working with her in my self-development journey. I was originally a skeptic of lifestyle coaching but always had a curiosity to try it out. Jan exhibits all the best qualities of a premier coach/mentor. She:

1. Is always available to listen, provide feedback, and provide advice.
2. Is always supportive.
3. Is always respectful.
4. Shares the same desire of success.
5. Has a vast amount of experience and has her own unique and effective coaching approach.
6. Is a great listener.
7. Is invested in your success.
8. Guides you towards answers but allows for your independent effort to arrive to the answer through provided tools and resources.
9. Has the patience of a saint.
10. Challenges you to be the best version of yourself.

I have learned so much throughout the last three months about myself. Her coaching has provided me with so much insight into my personal and professional life. I am extremely grateful for having her as an ally in my life. I’ve been raving about her to friends who are also interested in adding value to their respective lives. Looking forward to more coaching and work with Jan. You my friend, are a rockstar!


Miguel, Chicago 


I have always struggled with connecting with guys, therefore putting my business first in my life. It's not that I didn't want a relationship, but I was tired of facing rejection date after date. However, once I began to feel financially established I wanted to be able to spend time with someone whom I could share my life with and start a family. Because I'm not great at approaching guys or maintaining a relationship, I reached out to the ladies at Entwined Lifestyle. I can't tell you how much my business and lifestyle have changed since I started working with them. They make things simple and also make you feel at ease when feeling frustrated. I finally feel more at peace as they have helped me go from feeling lost to having it all as an entrepreneur. I definitely will continue working with them for all my business and relationship needs as my life has completely changed for the better. Thank You, ladies!

Elle, Austin

I am so glad I came across this brilliant set of twins that help people with relationships. I am a 52-year-old male that has never dated and had no confidence or believed that any woman would want me in their life. I have tried online dating sites for 3 plus years with no results. Then I tried a matchmaker service which was a horrible experience and costed me 5000 dollars. It was devastating with very few dates for that money and all not even close to what I wanted to meet. I then took a year off from trying to date and recoup from my distrust and financial loss. Next, I hired a dating coach that was local who was supposed to teach me dating skills in-person. I still had no idea of what to do to get a date. I have then reached out to other dating coaches which did not want to work with me.
I discovered Entwined Lifestyle from an online teleconference where Jillian & Jan were guest speakers. I visited their website and felt an instant connection. I contacted them to explain my situation and hesitation from past experiences and Jillian responded in a very understanding way and worked out a way, so I could build a trusting relationship with them. I have been working with Jillian since July of 2017 and could not be happier with my choice.
I was at very low place in my life when I started and had no confidence in myself and had so many mental blocks about my self and dating in general. I felt like no woman would want anything to do with me and would never see a date in my life.
So, Jillian started breaking down by beliefs I had about myself and dating. I had a lot of good qualities to offer someone and finally convinced me to try online dating even though I said I would never put myself thru it again. It was a real rough start and I would get very frustrated with it, but Jillian would be very understanding and work to build my confidence and to trust the process. Jillian helped me develop a new dating profile to catch women’s interest which is what turned things around and worked on opening my picks in women and taught me to me more open to different women.
I had a woman that favored me online and I started communicating with her using insight I learned from Jillian. I secured a date with just a few messages and met her for our first date. I had so much in common now going on 5 months of dating and planning on spending a week vacation together. I still work with Jillian to make sure I don’t mess up.
I am so indebted to Jillian and Entwined Lifestyle and can’t thank her enough.
I know this a little long and wordy but what to show where I started that I felt I would never see a date ever again.


Grant, Detroit


Meeting Jill changed my business, personal life and inner-self for the better in so many ways! She is inspiring, kind-hearted, a wonderful guide and she is a coach that truly cares about her clients.

I've done one-on-one sessions with her for over a year now and each one has been inspiring and extremely well worth the time and investment.

If you are thinking about reaching out to her, stop thinking and just do it! You'll be so grateful you did. I know I am. Life since Jill is more fun, more clear and more aligned than before.

Melissa, Los Angeles

I have been working with Jillian for the past year or so. I came to her broken emotionally in addition to my struggle with addiction. I cannot express how GRATEFUL I am to work with this amazing mentor, coach and overall wonderful woman. She has helped me discover how to find inner peace through self love and worth. I now understand how to create healthy boundaries with the people in my life. Her guidance has been fantastic in our meetings as well as the additional personal growth exercises I can do on my own. My journey has been challenging and I could not have made the progress I have without Jillian and her firm. I plan on continuing with her as my mentor for as long as possible. She really has made such a positive impact on my life! I would highly recommend to anyone, regardless of your personal situation, her amazing insight and services. She changes lives!!!


John, Chicago 

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