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How To Magnetically Attract The Love Of Your Life

When settling isn’t an option…

There’s no reason you need to settle with a partner who doesn’t meet your needs or only sparks your interest fifty percent of the time. If you are forcing something to work because you just want to be in a relationship, it’s bound to fall apart as quickly as it came together.

Love is something that you build with someone special over a consistent period of time where you can meet each other’s needs. So if your needs aren’t being met, is it really the relationship you’ve always imagined for yourself?

Meeting the love of your life doesn’t have to be so complex.

Here Are Three Highly Effective Ways To Magnetically Attract The Love Of Your Life:

1. Commit To Your Life Purpose When attracting a partner who is seeking a loving relationship like yourself, you will need to commit to living your best life. Having a clear vision of your goals and aspirations gives you clarity and greater certainty with yourself.

When you have a concrete outlook on life, it allows potential partners to see you clearly and find an alignment of mutual interest. This makes the process easier for both of you to swipe on each other or cross paths in real life.

The best way to commit to yourself is being proactive towards your goals. Let’s say you take a photography class on Thursday nights. And you just matched with this great person and they ask to meet-up on Thursday. You will want to keep the commitment to your Thursday night class because this shows you respect yourself and have a fulfilling life. This factor alone can make you more attractive and interesting- making them want you more.

You will want to tell them, “Looking forward to meeting you; however, Thursday night I have my photography class. Is there another night that works for you?”

This immediately shows you are interesting and they will want to inquire more about your hobbies and interests. Uncovering the many layers to who you are is magnetic.

By remaining committed to living a fulfilling lifestyle, this creates a core foundation that you are dependable, interesting, self-assured, and operate from a growth mindset. A potential partner is more likely to value you over another candidate when they know you are willing to put in the effort and commit to achieving your goals. Valuing yourself shows you Own Who You Are, what you desire, and you aren’t afraid to ask for what you need.

Once you commit to yourself, you are a secure selection for a partner.

2.Love Yourself When seeking a passionate and powerful love with a partner, first you need to fall in love with yourself. Having a healthy self-image along with valuing your self-worth, gives you the security to confidently ask for what you need in a relationship.

 First, comes self-love, then comes loving someone else.

Loving yourself is more than just self-care, it’s a mindset of believing in yourself and honoring who are in a way that others will too. If you emotionally depend on a partner’s love to survive, then it will be hard to have an equal partnership that thrives.

Perhaps, you recently met a great person. Yet, they don’t speak your love language of open communication. You find yourself getting agitated fairly easily, yet at the same time, you haven’t known them long enough to set a boundary.

You start to think they aren’t that into you when really they communicate differently than you. At that moment, you need to love yourself the way you want to be loved instead of depending on a partner to validate the connection. Whether it’s through implementing self-care activities or focusing on your personal passions, either way, you need to pull back and put yourself first. You can only receive the love you want with a partner after you have discovered how to love yourself.

When you are able to love yourself the way you need to be loved, then it’s much easier to build a loving connection with a partner for the right reasons. By believing in your self-worth, you know you are high-value which prevents you from settling or accepting anything less than what you deserve.

3.Operate From Your Relationship Values Your values give you a place of meaning and purpose to thrive from on a day-to-day basis. They signify what you believe in and define your core foundation of how others perceive you in this world.

When you consistently operate from your relationship values, it’s much easier to attract and recognize a partner who operates within similar values. And, the more values you have in common the easier it will be to have balance and harmony within the relationship.

Let’s say one of your values is integrity. It will be imperative your words and actions are consistent at all times. When you operate from your values, it makes it easier to ask for what you need in return. By doing so, it will help you attract a partner who values integrity, allowing you to connect on a deeper level and relate to each other.

Your values define you and the type of relationship you attract.

Operating from a place of values also allows you to know when to cut your losses with a connection. If the person lacks the ability to meet your values, it will be very hard to reach a fulfilling relationship. A relationship without a solid foundation of values will have cracks and lack stability in the long run. Without your values, the road to love will be hard to achieve. Your values will be your lovemap in guiding you to attract and secure the right connection.

Love doesn’t have to be hard when you have the right strategies and tools to attract the love of your life.


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