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Boundary BadassA Powerful MethodFor ElevatingYour Value AndRelationships

When authors Jan and Jillian began their boundary journey, they quickly realized emotion-based techniques were never going to meet their needs, as they had previously learned in grad school. They went through a culture shock of moving from a rural farm town of nine hundred people to a metropolitan city of three million where they learned some hard lessons. They went through relationship hurdles that were unable to fulfill mutual respect.


This experience led them to vow to never be in a relationship where they didn't feel heard or understood again. That is when they went from feeling powerless to valuable in their relationships and decided to fulfill their mission. They discovered the solution to being valued personally and professionally and have transformed their lives through their value-based technique - the Boundary Badass Method. A blend of interpersonal psychology and conflict resolution skills.

Benefits Of Boundaries:

Improved communication fosters understanding.

Respect for individuality and strengthens bonds.

Boosts self-esteem, confidence, and trust.

Facilitates healthy conflict resolution.

Prevents resentment from building up.

Creates a mutually respectful environment

Increases overall relationship fulfillment

Builds foundations for long-term growth.


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Unlock Your Highest Power And Voice Your Value With Freedom

In Boundary Badass, we share with you psychological insights, communication skills, negotiation techniques, and the exact method for setting boundaries with ease.​


Voice your value without fearing the reactions of others. Embrace challenging conversations with unwavering confidence and clarity.


Gain deeper understanding of interpersonal dynamics and effectively resolve conflict in both personal and professional relationships.


Discover how to identify, navigate, and transform unfavorable patterns into trustworthy relationships by negotiating mutually beneficial agreements.


Turn this life-changing journey into your empowering experience. Cultivate valuable connections by unleashing your inherent power and embracing your authentic truth.

Jan + Jillian

Jan Yuhas, M.A., MFT and Jillian Yuhas, M.A., MFT inspire individuals to create remarkable relationships, elevate their value, and set boundaries like badasses. Their purpose is to provide the knowledge and skills needed to break free from feelings of powerlessness, ultimately allowing individuals to flourish in their relationships and their lives.

​Setting boundaries became their calling after experiencing their needs being ignored in their personal relationships and clients pushing outside contractual agreements in their former entrepreneurial endeavors. In realizing this, they encountered others who also experienced similar situations in their relationships. The sisterly duo knew there had to be a better way to be heard, understood, and valued without enduring personal and professional losses. When the sisters discovered an effective communication method to overcome setbacks without creating a greater disconnect in their relationships, it allowed them to easily navigate difficult conversations on their journey of personal and professional development.

The mission behind the BOUNDARY BADASS METHOD is to inspire people to elevate their value and relationships. This method provides individuals with the framework to assertively express their authentic voice, honor their self-worth, fulfill their emotional needs, create valuable personal and professional relationships, and set boundaries like a badass. The BOUNDARY BADASS METHOD serves as a key to unlocking success in establishing and maintaining healthy relationships. By implementing this powerful approach, you gain techniques and strategies necessary to navigate the intricacies of interpersonal connections with self-assurance.

The wisdom and guidance presented throughout the book is a result of the authors’ Master of Arts in Marriage and Family Therapy, certifications in life coaching, mediation, micro-expressions, body language, deception detection, crisis counseling, and personal and professional experiences.

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