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Simple Phrases To Get Out of a Power Struggle and Reconnect

power struggle

Power struggles can stem from various underlying factors where individuals assert dominance in the relationship to safeguard their egos. Many times when someone is stuck in their ego, also known as a Me Mindset, they only care about their needs and not the needs of the relationships. 

This can be driven by insecurity, a competitive nature, a view of life as a win-lose game, unresolved childhood wounds, or traumatic experiences, perpetuating struggles for control. Control becomes paramount for those seeking to manipulate their environment to fulfill personal desires, yet often detrimental to the relationship.

Additionally, miscommunication fuels intense emotional tension, as one or both individuals feel unheard or misunderstood, escalating discord and heightening emotions. 

How do you get out of the power struggle they want to fuel and keep alive? By addressing the big picture or the disconnect in the relationship. It's no longer about Me vs You, but We Vs The Relationship Problem

When we take a step back and address the disconnect from a collective viewpoint, we can uncover where each person is coming from. This allows for greater introspection and understanding of each person’s perspective or belief to be considered. When this occurs, it creates engagement where each person feels heard and understood, and cultivates mutual collaboration to find a resolution that can meet everyone’s needs as well as the relationship. The growth of all relationships ultimately depends on how well each individual is able to resolve conflict and move forward with clear boundaries

Here Are Some Simple Phrases You Can Say To Reconnect: 

  • “It seems like we're seeing things from different angles. Can we take a moment to understand each other's perspectives?"

  • "I've noticed that we have different viewpoints on this issue. Let's discuss how we can bridge that gap."

  • "It feels like there's a disconnect between our perspectives. Can we talk about what might be causing it?"

  • "I understand that we have differing opinions, but I think it's important for us to find common ground and respect each other's perspectives."

  • "It seems like we're not quite seeing eye to eye on this. Let's try to understand where each of us is coming from."

  • "I sense that there's a disconnect in our perspectives, and I'd like to have a constructive conversation about how we can reconcile them."

  • "It appears that we're approaching this from different angles. Let's work together to find a solution that considers both perspectives."

  • "I've noticed that our perspectives on this issue don't align. Can we explore why that might be and how we can move forward?"

  • "It feels like there's some disconnect in our understanding of this situation. Let's clarify our perspectives and see if we can find common ground."

  • "I appreciate that we have different viewpoints, but I believe we can learn from each other's perspectives. Can we have an open discussion about it?"

So next time you’re faced with a situation where you want to defend yourself against an opposing perspective, use one of these phrases to open up the floor to learn more about each other and find common ground. 

Looking to learn conflict resolution skills to improve your relationships? Let's talk.


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