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How to Text a Woman You Just Met

You just met the woman of your dreams. You are dying to text to her to get to know her, but you want to make sure you don’t come off desperate in your pursuit. Your mind is running a mile a minute cause you don’t want to screw up your chances with her.

You start asking yourself:

  1. “Do I wait a couple of days before messaging her?”

  2. “Do I text her now so she knows I like her?”

  3. “What do I even say?”

  4. “What if I say too much and she thinks I’m annoying?”

  5. “What is she doesn’t even respond, then do I message her again?”

  6. Maybe you’re feeling completely overwhelmed as to what to text her, or contemplating giving up altogether. You can’t bear the humiliation of rejection nor feel like a failure if she blows you off.

  7. But, what if she responds?

  8. What if she is totally interested in getting to know you? Now, what do you do?

Here are the DOs and DON’Ts of texting a woman you really like:


DO: Text Her The Day You Meet

Sending her a quick text after you have asked for her number, like “hi”, “till we meet again…”, or “great meeting you” allows her to save your number in her phone. The last thing you want is to text her a few days later and have her ask “who is this?.” It can totally make the conversation awkward because you begin to doubt yourself and your interaction. You definitely don’t want to be a random number in her phone.

DON’T: Wait Days To Reach Out

When you wait days to reach out after meeting a woman, she’ll think you’re not interested in her. There is a fine line between being casually distant and falling off the face of the earth. Waiting a week to message a woman after you had a great time hanging out, kills the romantic vibe.

Texting her will keep the vibe alive.


DO: Be Your Confident Self

When texting a woman you like, be genuine as if you are messaging a friend. Being your most authentic self will make it much easier for when you meet up in-person. Because when you try to hide behind a screen and pretend to be someone you’re not, then it can make things pretty painful in real life by setting yourself up for an intense interaction. She will be turned off immediately. Own who you are.

DON’T: Worry About Whether She Will Like You

When it comes to having confidence sometimes you have to fake until you make it. If you tend to second guess yourself, it will show up in your interactions with her. Insecurities will kill the thrill of getting to know her.

If you’re unsure where you stand with her, then the best thing you can do is to keep the conversation on a friendship level and see where it takes you. All relationships start with a firm foundation based on friendship. When you remove the romance and intimacy factor from the conversation, you switch your focus to having fun and getting to know her.


DO: Make Light-hearted Conversation

You’ll want to keep your messages fairly light-hearted in the initial phase of getting to know her. A lot can be misinterpreted and misunderstood via text message, as emotion isn’t always transferable on a screen. This will save you from having to explain yourself or retract hurt feelings.

Asking her open-ended questions about what she enjoys, how she spends her time on the weekends, where she loves to travel to, or where she is originally from, are a few ways to keep the conversation flowing. Ultimately, the questions you ask will allow you to find shared interests between the two of you to create a magnetic bond.

DON’T: Use Lingo That Will Offend Her

This also applies to using humor or slang. If you don’t know her personality very well, then you’ll want to tread lightly in this arena. Sometimes humor can be found offensive because people view things in a different context based on their personal experiences or beliefs. In other words, keep your texts free of distasteful banter.

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