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Why Rejection Is The Best Thing For You

Who’s been rejected? I have

Who’s been rejected numerous times? Again, I have

Who reached her relationship goals? I did, I got married!

But…I didn’t get there overnight

I can’t tell you how many times I have faced rejection in relationships, social engagements, or business affairs. It’s happened so many times, that I stopped counting years ago. And, since it was something I continued to face over and over again, I took the time to learn about myself and how to handle it appropriately.

I told myself I had no choice. I had goals. I had vision. I knew I needed to get to where I was going.

The only question was HOW?

I knew I was the only person standing in the way of achieving my goals.

Today, I want to share with you how I took time to pause and reflect, process the pain, and how I continue to step forward when facing rejection.

As humans, we will continue to face rejection, failure, and setbacks when we are working towards our GOALS! It’s inevitable and living proof you are living life to the fullest. There’s not a path to success without learning from the mishaps we encounter. That’s what makes us stronger and indestructible. And since its something we are bound to face while working towards our relationship goals, why not learn to handle it with respect and power forward? Seeing rejection as a positive is key in getting outside your comfort zone.

Ruminating about the rejection will only hold you back.

How To Handle Rejection with Strength:

1.Acknowledge the sting.

Rather than try to suppress the pain, let yourself feel your emotions. Find a way to cope with the discomfort in a healthy manner.

For me, I work on my mindset. Read books to challenge my mind. Create new plans and approaches to my struggles. Stay active and practice a healthy workout/diet regimen to keep my mind sharp, so I have the strength to overcome any setback.

2.Accept it.

Know you are pushing yourself outside your comfort zone to attract an abundance of more love and success in your life.

Often failure is hard to accept.  I learned long ago the sooner I accept the situation, the easier it is to overcome and reach more goals. Becoming a victim is never an option in my mind.

3.Speak to yourself in a positive light.

“I’m working hard. I have keep pushing forward to achieve my love goals”

Your mind is your strongest tool. I confidently believe I have a lot of value to offer. It all comes down to marketing myself that I had to learn in business and love.

4.Avoid letting rejection define you.

When you are told NO, it means a NEW OPPORTUNITY is around the corner. The opinion of a person or situation should not derail you from your love goals. It means that person isn’t meant for you and it’s their loss. Opinions aren’t facts.

I’ve never doubted myself. But, of course, I’m human and rejection still hurts like hell. Having a strong mind and solid self-care routine keeps me pushing to the top.

5️.Learn from it!

What did you learn about yourself in the situation? Is there anything I need to adjust to get a better outcome next time? How can I improve my chances?

I can’t say this enough. I study, rework, redevelop my approaches in life daily. An open mind is a healthy mind and we have to learn there is always something to learn from another.

Tweaking your approach is wisdom to succeeding. Without rejection, I wouldn’t have reached success.


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