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6 Clear Signs A Partner Values You…Or Just Wants You

a partner who values you

With the intricate dance of relationships, it's essential to recognize the difference between a partner who simply wants you and one who genuinely values you. While the two might intersect at times, understanding the distinction can be pivotal in navigating the complexities of modern romance. 

Here are 6 ways to know if its a short-term situationship or long-term relationship where a partner values you 

1. Investment:

  • Partner Who Wants You: They will focus primarily on the physical or superficial aspects of the relationship. A partner might be driven by immediate gratification or the thrill of pursuit with little intent for anything long-term. They will not put much effort into dates or plans.

  • Partner Who Values You: They invest time, effort, and emotion in getting to know you beyond the surface. Their intentions extend beyond the initial attraction, demonstrating a commitment to building a meaningful connection.

2. Communication Style:

  • Partner Who Wants You: Communication may be sporadic or limited to late-night texts Or you may receive the good morning or good night, and nothing else in between. Conversations might revolve around the immediate, with little interest in your thoughts, dreams, or daily life. They will hardly ask questions about you, your goals, or how your day was. 

  • Partner Who Values You: Communication is thoughtful and consistent. They engage in meaningful conversations, showing genuine interest in your well-being, opinions, and aspirations. A partner will be willing to discuss life and bigger topics without the fear of expressing vulnerability or emotion. 

3. Respect for Boundaries:

  • Partner Who Wants You: Boundaries may be tested or overlooked. Their focus might be on desires rather than understanding and respecting your comfort zones. This type of partner will be self-consumed without much regard for what you need in a relationship. 

  • Partner Who Values You: They acknowledge and respect your boundaries, recognizing the importance of mutual consent and ensuring you feel secure in the relationship. They will talk about things they need too for the relationship to go the long haul. 

a partner who values you

4. Relationship Goal and Vision:

  • Partner Who Wants You: Their vision might be short-term, centered on the thrill of the chase or the excitement of the present moment. They will dismiss any questions that talk about future goals or show little empathy if you express your life challenges. 

  • Partner Who Values You: They envision a future with you, considering shared goals, values, and a commitment to mutual growth. The relationship is viewed as a journey rather than a fleeting adventure. They will take his time to get to know you and will include you in their day to day life as they want you to be together. They will show empathy and be supportive in return. 

5. Actions Speak Louder Than Words:

  • Partner Who Wants You: Their declarations of affection may not always align with their actions. Promises might be made without consistent follow-through. They will make it challenging to trust them and will most likely have an excuse anytime they disappoint you. They will most likely put their needs first and prioritize personal goals over the relationship.

  • Partner Who Values You: Their actions consistently reflect their words. This type of partner will demonstrate commitment through supportive gestures, showing you that they value you in their life and want to build a deeper connection. They will ask if you need help, show up on planned dates, and will make it easy for you to trust them without second-guessing or having doubt. 

6. Handling Challenges and Conflicts:

  • Partner Who Wants You: When faced with challenges, they might be quick to withdraw or lose interest. They will avoid emotional or physical responsibility when it comes to their part of the issue and even disappear for a few days hoping you will forget. 

  • Partner Who Values You: They will approach challenges or conflicts as an opportunity for growth. The relationship is a partnership where both parties actively work through difficulties, demonstrating resilience and commitment. The two of you will be able to find a resolution that meets both of your needs and align on shared goals. This type of partner will be able to have constructive conversations with ease. 

While desire is a natural component of any romantic connection, recognizing when it transforms into genuine value is crucial for a healthy and fulfilling relationship. As you navigate the connection, pay attention to the signals that distinguish a partner who merely wants you from one who authentically values you. Choosing a high-value partner who appreciates your worth and actively invests in the relationship sets the foundation for a meaningful and enduring connection.

Feeling confused and not sure what they want? Let’s talk and figure it out together. Book a discovery call today! Life is too short to not have the answers to your love story. 


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