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The One Thing That Makes Him Attracted To You

Are you drawn to masculinity? 

An alpha male can easily make your heart melt the minute you hear his voice and connect face-to-face. We hear from women all the time, how they want a man who’s confident yet very assertive in nature. And the second you are in his presence, it’s like there is a magnetic force telling you to focus on him and only him because he draws you in. 

This is where your feminine energy and his masculine energy collide creating sexual chemistry. 

The reason these two energies work well together is that they are polar opposites. A masculine man seeks what he doesn’t have, your feminine energy. And you want more of what he has, masculine energy. And when a male’s masculinity is secure and your femininity is powerful, this creates the strongest magnetism to stay connected as a couple.

Being a woman, you possess both energies. However, males typically dominate with more masculine energy, whereas females rule more with feminine energy. It is important to know what each energy means and how it can affect your love life so you don’t end up leading with the wrong energy. 

Masculine energy is known as “doing” action-oriented things, competitive, being assertive, driven, independent, and implementing leadership like qualities that set an individual up for success in this world. You constantly have goals you are striving to achieve while maintaining security and stability. There is generally a mission that’s being pursued to reach a level of accomplishment and productivity. Masculinity is all about the force of energy. 

On the other hand, feminine energy is about “being” present, using your soft skills, building a connection, feeling-oriented, free-flowing, and caring. You allow things to move gracefully while letting your heart guide you through your relationship. You are aligned with your values and open to receiving exactly what you deserve. And while you flourish with elegance, you remain true to your feminine power.

Here are 5 Ways Strong Women Use Their Feminine Energy To Attract A Masculine Man: 

1.Dress To Impress

Forget wearing the pants in the relationship or any pants for that matter. Wearing dresses or skirts on dates displays feminine attributes that make a masculine man desire you. And if you aren’t one to wear feminine attire, start by wearing dresses around the house to get more comfortable. Just like you probably practiced walking around in stilettos, so you didn’t break an ankle in public. The more you implement wearing feminine attire into your daily routine, the more natural it will begin to feel. 

Also, dresses allow you to move freely to receive new energy. Being that feminine energy is all about free-flowing, you definitely don’t want to be restricted by the seams of your pants. You want to flow with the wind and follow whatever direction the connection takes you. 

Another way to bring femininity into your wardrobe is by wearing feminine colors and patterns. Think of blush or peach tones along with shades of whites and ivories. This helps a man visualize your womanly essence and pureness because lighter colors represent wife-like material. And when it comes to patterns, consider florals or lace textures since they are delicate and ladylike. 

2.Trust The Process 

If you are trying to control the outcome of the connection or be the one to leading the way, you will immediately repel a masculine man. They can sense this easily, so even if you try to hide it, he will pick-up on it. As much as you may want things to be your way, this will not work out in the end. Trying to control or have things your way is masculine energy. And when you do this, you become competitive with him, making him not take interest in you. 

Men tend to feel emasculated by a woman who micro-manages every action. This type of behavior comes from operating from your head, not your heart. And when this occurs you tend to appear less confident. High-value men are naturally attracted to women who are confident and exude femininity. Your confidence is a subtle power that allows you to bring a man closer to you without trying to be direct. It’s your womanly essence and charisma that keeps him in awe of you. 

Being a successful woman in your career, you probably use a lot of masculine energy in your day-to-day tasks. This is wonderful work wise, but this will negatively impact your love life. As a reminder, this isn’t about being submissive to him. You are allowing him to lead because he needs to put in the effort if he is going to win your heart. This is the only way to find out the way he feels about you because a man’s actions tell you everything, not his words. Letting go of control and trusting the process will create a harmonious, respectful and authentic relationship.

3.Connect With Your Heart

If you are a woman who is constantly on the go, busy occupying your time with friends and traveling, you may be emotionally unavailable. This can cause you to block the energy from attracting a high-value masculine man into your world. While it’s great to self-indulge in personal interests and hobbies, your actions may prevent you from being seen by him. Being busy “doing” things all the time is masculine energy versus “being” present is feminine energy. 

One way to connect with your heart is to get focused on what you are feeling instead of living inside your thoughts. When you focus on how you feel than its much easier to tap into your feminine energy and trust your intuition. Instinctively you will be able to attract a high-quality man who understands your sensual side when you are leading with your heart. 

Consider incorporating more spa time, bubbles baths at home, practicing yoga or meditation, lighting candles, listening to music, rubbing essential oils on your body, eating dark chocolate, and recharging your energy so it’s readily available for a man to come into your life. This allows you to feel an abundance of love and nurture your own relationship with yourself. The relationship you have with yourself will be the catalyst to keeping him interested in you. A masculine man desires the softness of a woman to help bring out his feminine, romantic side. And, you can only receive what you want when are wholeheartedly willing to give to yourself first. 

4.Focus On The Present

It’s all about slowing down to connect with yourself in the moment. Taking your time to enjoy your warm cup of tea or coffee in the morning. Allowing yourself to breathe to release any tension within your body. Becoming completely immersed and fully in tune with something so simple, yet pleasurable. Finding yourself being able to appreciate little moments in life, helps you feel calm and emotionally available. 

If you are Type-A and constantly need to be actively doing something or rushing around, then this prevents you from tapping into your feminine energy. This will keep you exerting your masculine energy as you do at work holding you back from what you are seeking, a compassionate partner.

Also, if you tend to live in your thoughts you may find yourself focusing on that past or future more often than not. This stifles a man from connecting with you in the moment, which is the only way to create a deeper bond. So try to carve out time in your day where you can just be happy and find joy without external distractions. The best way to release thoughts from the past or future is to simply journal them out. 

5.Let Your Creativity Flow

Feminine energy is all about your creativity, whereas masculine energy can be quite destructive. 

Think of yourself writing a love letter, playing a musical instrument, painting a canvas, snapping photos of a sunset, or cooking yourself a delicious dinner. These creative activities empower your feminine energy to remain active at all times because you are creating things with your body. 

Your creativity allows you to expand your mind and bring new energy into your life. Acting on your artistic craft strikes a chord in your heart, bringing out your expressive emotions and feelings. This lets your femininity flow freely giving yourself what you need without having expectations. Not only does femininity energy, charisma, and fascination come from within you, but you can also heal yourself when you focus on your internal world. After all, you are the one who brings life into this world creating a space for the birth of new energy.

As a strong woman, it’s important to use both your masculine and feminine energies.

However, if you want a high-value man you are going to have set your masculine qualities on the sideline or you are bound to sabotage the connection. Your femininity is what makes you a queen and this is what he is craving by his side. He doesn’t want to date himself, he wants the opposite of what he is and that is feminine energy. Even though it may feel unnatural in the beginning to use it when dating, the last thing you want is to be is destructive in your own love life. Your feminine essence will magnetically entice him to keep him coming back to you. So let go of control, let yourself flow, and reap what you sow. 

Ever wonder what makes a man gravitate towards certain women over others? The secret is their feminine energy. They have what it takes to draw him in and keep him and this post tells you exactly how. #datingadvice #relationships #feminineenergy #magnetic #relationshipadvice

Ever wonder what makes a man gravitate towards certain women over others? The secret is their feminine energy. They have what it takes to draw him in and keep him and this post tells you exactly how. #datingadvice #relationships #feminineenergy #magnetic #relationshipadvice

Ever wonder what makes a man gravitate towards certain women over others? The secret is their feminine energy. They have what it takes to draw him in and keep him and this post tells you exactly how. #datingadvice #relationships #feminineenergy #magnetic #relationshipadvice


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