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Let Go Of A Past Relationship And Move On

You’ve invested so much time into your relationship, the thought of letting it go can often be a difficult process. And, sometimes it’s not even the person you’re struggling to let go but what you envisioned your life would look like with the one person you thought was your everything. 

During the holidays, you would spend quality time together laughing at each other’s jokes. Take quick getaways to the beach when you needed to escape the daily grind as a power couple. And every year, make a wish for the coming year at the strike of midnight for happiness, health, and love. But, it’s all a distant memory now. You feel completely heartbroken and lost on where to go from here. 

While your love story may have ended, your life has not. In fact, this is prime time to refocus on what you need for you to evolve to attract what you deserve. 

So how do you mold the pieces of your heart back together? 

Here Are 9 Ways To Move On With Your Life:

1.Make The Decision

Making the decision to let go is often the biggest step to take when healing and honoring yourself. The choice you previously made to be in your relationship is the same process when it comes to making the choice to let go. The minute you commit to your personal growth, you’ll find your inner strength and power.

As you begin to break-free, give yourself permission to let go of anything that’s no longer bringing you joy. The freedom to create your new life vision will help you see what you want and need, creating clarity and certainty in your life. 

It’s time to make yourself a priority. 

2. Focus On Your Self-Love And Self-Care

Your self-love and self-care routine is going to be the most vital asset to your well-being moving forward. When experiencing the loss of a lover, you will find the answers from within, not external sources. 

Self-care consists of going to the gym, eating a healthy diet, keeping up with hygiene no matter how bad you feel. Eventually, if you stick to a healthy routine you’ll start to feel the effects on your body which will aid in your recovery process. 

The only way to become invincible is through self-love. 

On the other hand, self-love is what you will need to do to mentally strengthen your mindset. If you have lost your sense of self-worth and confidence to push forward a daily regimen of journaling, meditation, positive affirmation, and gratitude will help you get back on track to create a confidently you.

4.Talk It Out

Holding onto heartache can cause additional stress and an exuberant amount of pain. This can be a heavyweight to carry all alone, but you don’t have to. One of the best ways to let go of the tension so it doesn’t become uncontrollable it to let it all out with a trusted source. 

Whether it’s a best friend or a family member, they can provide a safe place for you to vent.

However, if you’re wanting to process how you’re going to turn your pain into productivity, then hiring a professional may be the route to go. Click here to discover how you can gain the support and transformation you want. 

5.Take Responsibility For Your Part

A healthy relationship requires a mutual effort from both parties for growth. And, on the contrary, lack of responsibility from both partners results in an impasse. As you begin to take ownership of your feelings and actions, this will enable you to accept your role in the process of letting go.

While you cannot change what has happened, you can self-reflect and gather insight into what you want for yourself moving forward. Facing personal challenges and struggles can sometimes be the most difficult aspect of letting go because it’s so much easier to place blame on the other party. Yet, when you blame others and withdraw from responsibility, you fail to see your truth and often repeat the cycle all over again. 

This may be your biggest moment of growth and defining moment in achieving your dreams. 

6.Let Yourself Process Your Emotions

Letting go is not an overnight process, it will take some time to reach serenity. Patience will become your best friend through the process recentering your emotional state. There will be ups and downs throughout the process, some good days and some bad days, but the important thing is that you are letting yourself feel it out. 

You are the catalyst for rebuilding your inner peace. 

Unfortunately, there is no magic pill you can swallow, no new partner that will rescue you from the pain, and no amount of ice cream that will make the pain evaporate into thin air. The only way to overcome the turmoil is to face your feelings head-on. The sooner you face them the better off you’ll be moving forward. 

As they say, time heals all wounds. While this is true, being positively proactive will help you achieve inner peace and find gratitude in where you are today. Your most inner beliefs and thoughts lead you to the actions you take each day. So, the healthier you are in engaging in activities that bring you peace, like yoga, meditation, mindful eating, and positive affirmations, the stronger you will become mentally and emotionally. 

7.Stop Daydreaming About What It Might Have Been

You cannot undo the past. The choices you made were made because it’s what you felt you needed to do at that moment. It is oftentimes one will find themselves in a toxic relationship and decide to fully remove themselves from the relationship because they can no longer accept the behavior only to think back and ask themselves, “Did I make the right choice?” 

Daydreaming about what might have been will keep you living in the past and potentially entering a state of depression. If you faced enough pain to walk away from your partner, then they don’t deserve to be romanticized moving forward. Accepting your partner for who they are is the first step to healing your heart. 

7.Find Forgiveness

You may have no desire to forgive your ex for the agony you have faced through the break-up, but this will be essential to living for you again. While it seems impossible right now, understanding forgiveness will help you reach a state of peace.

To clarify, forgiveness doesn’t mean:

  1. Accepting malicious behavior and excusing another person’s actions

  2. You have to forget your feelings about that person

  3. You have to tell the person they are forgiven

  4. The other person still has to be in your life

  5. Everything is going to be okay now between you and the other person

Forgiveness is something you do for yourself, not for the person who betrayed you.

By finding forgiveness, you are coming to terms with your relationship is over. You understand it has run its course and you’ve accepted everyone has their own flaws based on their limiting beliefs. When someone’s limiting beliefs are skewed, they often act without the realization of their behavior. Even though it may be harmful to their partner, they are only fixated on getting their needs met, not what’s good for the partnership. While this is not an excuse for their behavior, it can help bring light to the situation through understanding so you can move on.

8.Live For Now

As you learn to let go of the past, you’ll want to put your best foot forward and focus on the here and now. It can be challenging to create happiness in your life if you keep replaying your past memories on repeat or holding onto your old vision. Living in the past can often lead to a “depressed” state while living in the future can be full of “anxious” feelings.

Happiness comes from living in the NOW, as you have WON the moment.

The best way to create fulfillment in the present moment is to simplify your life. Let go of what you can’t control, pursue your dream career, release toxic grudges and people, find gratitude in your day, and most importantly carve out a self-care and self-love routine. It truly does not take much for us to be happy, as little as fifteen minutes a day to nourish your soul. You just have to be willing to see it, believe it, and live it!

9.Give Yourself All The Time You Need

There is no correct number of how long it can take to overcome heartache. In fact, every relationship is different. Whether you dated for nine months or were married for nine years, everyone processes their emotions in their own time. However, if they are consuming your life and you’re unable to maintain a normal schedule, then seeking a professional for advice may be the place to lean into.

Your life can be very different a year from now. But, only time will tell and the actions you take to get there.

If you believe in love, you are bound to face heartache at some point in your life. What is important is that you have the resilience to forgive yourself knowing you took the risk to reap the reward. And, while every love story doesn’t have a happy ending, when you give yourself the power to let go it allows you to begin living your life on a new and happier path.

Are struggling to overcome heartache and move on? While every love story doesn’t have a happy ending, when you give yourself the power to let go it allows you to begin living your life on a new and happier path. Here are 9 ways to let go of your ex and move on. #letgo #lettinggo #forgiveness #movingon #breakup #motivational #heartbreak

Are struggling to overcome heartache and move on? While every love story doesn’t have a happy ending, when you give yourself the power to let go it allows you to begin living your life on a new and happier path. Here are 9 ways to let go of your ex and move on. #letgo #lettinggo #forgiveness #movingon #breakup #motivational #heartbreak

Are struggling to overcome heartache and move on? While every love story doesn’t have a happy ending, when you give yourself the power to let go it allows you to begin living your life on a new and happier path. Here are 9 ways to let go of your ex and move on. #letgo #lettinggo #forgiveness #movingon #breakup #motivational #heartbreak


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