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11 Ways To Blissfully Treat Yourself If You’re Single On Valentine’s Day

While you may not have a S.O. to share in the love fest this Valentine’s Day you can still defy Claudius, like the Romans, and bask in your own self-love story.

One’s self-love essential in order to attract a healthy relationship. Boosting your self-love exponentially boosts or your self-worth, and being a candidate of high-value is the quickest way to take yourself off the market for next year.

But in the meantime, lets celebrate being you! Because you are worthy of all the love you can give yourself.

Here are 11 ways to celebrate yourself this Valentine’s Day:

1.Pamper Yourself

Whether it’s indulging a a relaxing massage or facial, pampering yourself feels good. It gives you time to relax and rejuvenate from stress. So take a raincheck from life and allow yourself to be present in a moment of bliss.

2. Plan A Dinner Party with Your Pals

Gather all your single friends and plan a night of fun at your favorite restaurant. There is no better way to spend the night than with great food, wine and friends. Plus, you might meet other singles to mingle with.

3. Hit Up A Comedy Show

Laughter releases endorphins giving you and internal positivity boost. And, we can’t think of a better way then to hit up a comedy show with your pals and laugh your *ss off all night.

4. Escape to Somewhere Exotic

If you can leave town, then escape to somewhere exotic and explore. Forget your worries at the door and bask in the sunlight on the beach with your favorite book or go scuba diving under the sea, either way expand your horizons.

5. Host A Sweets Party

Send out Valentine invites to your singles crew and spend the evening indulging in decantant sweets. Have everyone bring their favorite sweet to share, or better yet plan the evening whipping up your favorite chocolate cake or cookie recipe.

6. Create An Adventure

Get out of your comfort zone and go on adventure. Do something you’ve been dying to do on your bucket list but need the little extra push to get there. There is no better way then to celebrate yourself then to do something that makes you feel excitement from the inside out. Conquer your dreams and goals!

7. Sign-up for Hot Yoga

Get your flex on at hot yoga. Taking care of your physical health is essential to one’s emotional health. And, hey you might just meet someone in your class you can grab tea with afterwards. Stretch your limits and your legs.

8. Go Dancing With Your Friends

Heyyy…Where’s the Party at? What better way can you think of spending Valentine’s Day then dancing the night away with your besties. Music always as a special way of making us feel alive. So, dance like nobody’s is watching.

9. Volunteer Your Time

Feeling blue? Giving to others is the quickest way for one to internally feel better. Check out your local soup kitchen, animal shelter, or nursing home and see how you can lift the spirits of others by handing out valentines or volunteering your time. Smiles are worth more than you think and you might just leave with one yourself .

10. Have A Bouquet Making Party

Splurge on your favorite fresh beauties at the market and throw a bouquet making party. Who says you need a man to buy you flowers when you can make your own? Independent and innovative is the new you.

11. Veg Out On Your Favorite Netflix Show

Order in your favorite take-out and binge watch your favorite show or movies. Sometimes a break from life can do you wonders. Happy chillin.

While being single can be a wonderful experience, at the end of the day we are humans and ultimately crave the love and affection of another. If love is on your mind, then you won’t want to miss our Fiercely Femme To Loving Him masterclass. Secure the love you want today. Sign-up here for free!


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