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25 Ways To Show Someone You TRULY Love Them (Without Saying ‘I Love You’)

"How do I love thee? Let me count the ways..”

Love does not always come in the form of words. Many time,  love can be expressed through actions to your significant other. And, as the saying goes, actions speak louder than words.

Showing someone you love them holds more weight than a simple one liner of those 3 magical words.

You may wonder, “How come?” When you physically do something for someone, it takes more of you to accomplish the notion than rambling off “I love you”. Engaging in specific acts of love last much longer forming greater memories.

Memories are what you typically hold onto the longest when it comes to thinking about acts of love. You usually remember how someone makes you feel versus what they actually say. And, while your words may leave an impact, your actions will leave a bigger footprint.

Here are 25 ways on how to show someone you love them:

1. Write secret messages.

Your significant other has a work trip coming up. They start packing their luggage and you immediately begin to think about how much you’re going to miss them for the next few days. While they are traveling, you want to let them know they are still on your mind. You decide to write them a little message to slip between their clothes.

Upon arrival to their hotel, they begin to unpack a few items and find your love note. This will not only make them smile, but they will feel your love and devotion as look forward to returning home to you.

2. Cook a feast.

While you may not be Jamie Oliver in the kitchen, it doesn’t mean you can’t whip up their favorite meal. Yes, it may take a few attempts to perfect, but in the end, it’s the thought that counts. Even if you overcook the lasagna, your S.O. will sure to appreciate a homemade meal crafted with love after a long stressful day at work.

3. Give them a massage.

Baby’s got back…a bad back that is. Your S.O. is physically grinding at work all day, and they would love nothing more than a good rub down. It’s time to break out the scented oils and give them a full body massage in the comfort of your home.

A deep tissue massage will relieve their aches and pains but also can induce sexual energy between the two of you. You never know where the night may lead to.

4. Actively listen and validate.

Lending your ear may not seem like much at times, but it can mean the world to your partner on the other end. Life can be a rollercoaster ride of ups and downs. Therefore, having the chance to get things off your chest with someone who understands can be a great release of tension.

You can validate your S.O. by simply giving head nods, asking additional questions about their distress, and letting them know you care through your responses. A warm response would be, “I’m sorry to hear you are having a stressful day. Is there anything I can do to help?”

5. Treat them right.

When your S.O. is having a rough week, sometimes it’s sweet to remind them how hard they are working. Showing them they deserve a Kit Kat break with a sugary treat that will just melt in their mouth, helps them forget the sour taste they had after a long week.

Their feel-good brain chemicals, dopamine, and serotonin, boost their mood making them feel utterly delicious and deserving by you.

6. Do them a favor.

Random acts of kindness can be beneficial to you and your S.O. Since relationships are all about the balance of giving and receiving, the effect it has on the both of you is positive.

When doing something nice for your partner, they will feel appreciative of your kindness. And this will in return make you feel great because you are displaying affection in your relationship which is part of the giving and receiving cycle. What goes around comes around!

7. Give them “Hello” and “Goodbye” kisses.

Kissing your S.O. in the morning before you leave for work or when they walk through the door in the evening, gives a warm message saying: “I hope you have a great day” or “I’m happy your home to hang out together.”

And to kick things up a notch, sizzling smooches can really feel like a tongue twister while inducing oxytocin, a.k.a. cuddling hormones which naturally increases intimacy between the two of you. So, pucker up!

8. Smell the roses.

Sending flowers is a sign of endearment letting her know you are thinking of her! You don’t have to wait for a specific occasion like her birthday, but picking a random date to send them lets her know you care. And you can even personalize the bouquet with her favorite flower and color showing her you know just want she likes.

Nothing says it better than natural fragrant blooms, as the smell sensory is responsible for triggering emotions and memories that last a lifetime.

9. Dance to the beat.

Their favorite band is making its way through town this month. You know your S.O. is beyond obsessed with their newest album. Any chance they can hear them live, they are there.

So why not surprise them with tickets to their favorite artist and dance the night away? Music can truly bond your souls in harmony.

10. Pen them a poem.

Penning a heartfelt expression towards your S.O. gives them insight to how you feel about them. And if you’re not a poet, no worries. You could write out verbiage from their favorite movie or a song that means something to them. And they might just keep your words as a keepsake close to their heart.

11. Go on a long walk.

Taking a walk in nature can be healing and soothing for the soul. Whether, you’re strolling hand in hand by the lake or galavanting through the city streets, sharing a warm hearted conversation can be rewarding for the both of you.

It may seem like an uneventful adventure, yet it really shows you are wanting to spend time and learn about their day. Your S.O. will be happy you asked to go on a walk as it really can be a great way show you care.

12. Have a bucket list of adventures.

Your S.O. has a location that they have been dreaming of traveling to or perhaps they want to jump out of a plane to feel that adrenaline rush. By selecting an adventure on their bucket list, you want to see them seek excitement and joy as you are helping them live out their life and accomplish their goals.

13. Have an impromptu date at their favorite restaurant.

If planning romantic dates isn’t your forte, surprising them with a date at their favorite foodie haunt can earn you some bonus love points. You know the way to your S.O.’s heart is through their stomach…or so they say. Plus, you have to eat. So, why not make it a special evening for the two of you?

14. Make them breakfast in bed.

Waking up in the morning can be a loving time to share with each other, as you both feel rested and rejuvenated. Turn on some light music, brew a pot of warm coffee, and start cracking those eggs and frying the bacon. Some fresh slices of fruit to complement a balanced meal will have you both starting the day off right.

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so make it memorable.

15. Tell them your fears.

Opening up to your S.O. about deepest your fears shows your most vulnerable side. This can be a scary thing to reveal about yourself and often takes a lot of courage. When you let your S.O. in on your concerns this signifies you feel safe with them. You can build trust with them on another level and that, in itself, is true love.

16. Make them a priority.

A relationship is a mutual agreement between the two of you. However, making your S.O. a priority makes them feel good and shows how you feel about them without even saying a word. When you put them at the top of your to-do list, it keeps your relationship functioning in a healthy, constructive manner because you want to grow together.

Being attentive and committed is the best feeling for you and your S.O.

17. Tell them that you appreciate them and for what.

When you give your S.O. a compliment, it naturally makes them feel lovable and thankful for you. You can do this by saying, “I appreciate you for making dinner tonight” or “I appreciate you for doing the laundry.”

It’s the little things that always create the big picture on how the two you stay connected as a team.

18. Take a bubble bath.

Need a little R and R? Start running the hot water and pour in the bubbly. Things are about the get steamy. Sometimes the simplest gestures can turn into the most powerful moments. Bubble baths are amazing yet soothing too!

They are a way to relax with your S.O. and just be authentically naked with one another. The two of you in a capsule, locked in time, away from the world. Letting the love overflow, just not the tub. No pun intended.

19. Ask them about their day.

Asking them, “How was your day?” lets them know you are interested in their overall well-being when you are not with them. It signifies you’re ready to listen because you are asking an open ended questions, which does not allow for a “yes” or “no” answer. It gives you the ability to start a conversation to share your life with each other.

20. Introduce them to family and friends.

Introducing your S.O. to your closest family and friends lets them know you want them to join your journey and be a part of your life. This can be a big deal and often a significant step in a relationship. Accepting your S.O. into every aspect of your life shows you are committed to loving them wholeheartedly.

21. Take time to care.

Time may not seem like much, but it one of the most valuable things you have to offer to your S.O.  While it may not cost a dime to spend time with someone it is also something you can never get back. Choosing who you spend your time with shows just how much you value your S.O.

22. Be together for the holidays.

When it comes to celebrating your love, spending the holidays together can deepen your bond as you are making merry memories with each other. Whether it’s keeping the love sparks flying in the sky on the Fourth of July or carving out Jack-O-Lanterns around a campfire, you are sure to add spice to your love life.

23. Nurse them to health.

Life sometimes throws a few lemons to test one’s strength. And, even while one may have the strength to overcome the flu, broken limbs, or surgery, recovery always seems to go much better when you have a “nurse”.

So, when your S.O. is bitter with lemons, try to have empathy and make them lemonade. They’ll be sure to thank you and hopefully return the gesture when you’re under the weather.

24. Compliment them.

Giving a genuine compliment shows your admiration towards your partner. You can definitely make their day while putting a smile on their face. When you give a compliment, not only does it make your S.O. feel great, but it can also make you feel good about yourself because you did something nice for someone.

It naturally boosts both of your self-esteem creating positive loving interaction.

25. Try something they love.

Your S.O. may love to golf, but it’s really not your thing. However, they want to practice their swing on Sunday afternoon and asked you to join for fun. You want to make them happy because it makes you happy, so be a supportive partner and learn something new.

Not only does this make them grin from ear to ear, but it shows you are willing to relate to their interests. And after all, relationships are all about relating to one another.

If you find yourself speechless when it comes to professing your love to your S.O., consider giving them a gift from the heart. This will be sure to leave an everlasting memory by keeping your love entwined for a lifetime.

Source via YourTango.


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