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Here Are The Top 10 Secrets Of Highly Successful Power Couples

I was having dinner with a few girlfriends over the weekend and we were talking about what makes some relationships last for a lifetime and others slowly fade away in plain sight.

We were talking about our current long-term relationships and what it takes to reach relationship success as a power couple in today’s busy world. There was a wide variety of perspectives with everyone’s relationship experiences, family upbringings, and personalities.

At the end of dinner, I came up with the ten must-haves that I find to be crucial and implement in my marriage today.

Here are 10 Secrets of Successful Power Couples:

1. Power Couples Make Their Relationship A Priority

From running businesses to catching up with family, the one thing they don’t let slip through the cracks is their relationship. They make time for each other because they truly enjoy each other’s company. They aren’t just lovers, they are best friends who love to share about their day and laugh at all the silly things that happened. So while they are blasted with non-stop emails throughout the workday, they still give each other time to bond, as it's their daily touches of consistency that keep strong and a united front.

2. Power Couples Resolve Their Issues Respectfully

All couples have their differences that arise from time to time. In fact, if they aren’t

discussing what’s going on between the two of them, then it means things are being shoved under the rug. Relationships stay afloat when couples are relating to one another and resolving their differences in an amicable manner. Even though they may experience different perspectives on big topics, it doesn’t mean one needs to raise their voice or blame their partner for issues that come up. Seeing conflict as a door to have a constructive conversation, actually brings power couples closer and makes the relationship stronger.

3. Power Couples Find Forgiveness

Power couples know how to let things go. They know neither are perfect and will make mistakes throughout the relationship. However, they will not show resentment but find ways to ask or show forgiveness with their partner. They believe their relationship is more powerful than holding a grudge out of pride. While feelings may sting for one or both partners during times of turmoil, they create space to heal and keep working towards better alignment as a team.

4. Power Couples Share Similar Values and Goals

They both know they are of high value when it comes to knowing who they are and owning their worth. While they are independently successful on their own, valuing their relationship where they both feel emotionally secure in the connection is key. Their emotional needs are met with each other which allows the couple to embrace each other and talk about their future relationship goals. If one partner isn’t feeling like they are getting their needs met, then the couple may have different long-term goals for the connection. This alone can make or break a relationship as shared similarities are just as important as having individual differences.

5. Power Couples Emotionally Support Each Other

Power couples support each other’s endeavors and show up even when they aren’t feeling their best or totally stressed. They believe it's more beneficial to be there for each other as a team than not. Couples see their partner as their biggest supporter and cheerleader and want to be there rooting for them on the sidelines while they shine in their element. Because when it's their partner’s turn to shine in the spotlight, they too will be their biggest supporter. It's a balance of give and take with each other by emotionally being available for the good and bad moments.

6. Power Couples Keep Communication Constructive

Communication is oxygen to every romantic relationship, but one thing power couples excel at is being constructive with their choice of words and delivery. Using a “WE” mindset they believe it’s WE versus The Problem, not ME versus You. They strive to take their partner’s feelings into consideration when expressing their thoughts and feelings to focus on solutions for better alignment. They are great at keeping communication channels open so it's easy to share and address issues immediately when they occur. They know communication is the best tool to keep their relationship healthy and fulfilling.

7. Power Couples Go On Weekly Dates

They plan weekly dates to have fun and nurture their relationship outside of life tasks and responsibilities. Whether it's a night at home cooking dinner together or going out to a concert, it's all about increasing their emotional intimacy. Dating is something that power couples do for a lifetime to continue to grow their connection. Besides weekly dates, they plan romantic getaways where they explore the world side by side and learn new things about each other. It's all about feeling like home and adventure at once for successful power couples.

8. Power Couples Maintain Healthy Boundaries

Power couples know the benefits of boundaries when it comes to keeping up with a healthy relationship. They aren't afraid to speak up and know when to draw the line if their partner has been hurtful or disrespectful. Honoring their relationship and choosing to respect each other’s limits based on their values helps each partner get their needs met in unison. Boundaries enable them to resolve differences very quickly because they know the importance of moving forward effectively and efficiently to maintain a powerful place in their relationship.

9. Power Couples Strive Towards Growth To Evolve

They are mentally in growth mode most of the time as they show leadership in their professional life. So when it comes to their relationship, growth is their second language to evolving and growing their relationship one day at a time. They don’t rush the process, they trust the process and work towards their couple goals together as a team. Power couples keep a positive attitude of gratitude towards each other to keep taking steps forward in their relationship.

10. Power Couples Honor Daily Self-Love To Keep Their True-Love Lasting

When it comes to being the best partner, taking care of yourself on a daily basis helps keep the relationship thriving. Power couples independently spend time on themselves, giving them a full cup to pour from when it comes to loving their partner. Trying to pour from an empty cup hinders one's ability to truly love their partner from the heart creating a crack in the connection. Being able to feel good allows power couples to maintain their confidence and be badass in their life.

Are you and your partner falling short in some of these areas of your relationship? Reach out today to set up a brief discovery call to become a successful power couple, too!


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