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9 Powerful Types Of Intimacy In Romantic Relationships

Every couple has its own set of bonding essentials that keeps them together and inspires the relationship to continuously grow. And, while it’s pretty common to think of intimacy in terms of emotional or sexual, there are many more forms of intimacy to consider when creating an unbreakable bond.

Intimacy is necessary for a relationship, as it's what helps you and your partner feel connected even when you have a full life of personal goals outside of the relationship.

You may think you need to spend hours together, but it can be simple daily touches that keep the spark alive so the relationship thrives with endless passion and compassion.

Here 9 Ways You Can Deeply Connect With Your Partner:


This type of intimacy allows you and your partner to freely express your emotional needs within the connection. You can openly share your worries, fears, hopes, and joys with one another without feeling judged or emotionally rejected.

Each partner creates a safe space for their partner to share their feelings in order for them to be on the same page about the relationship and how it’s evolving short-term and long-term. The more open and honest each partner can be about their emotions allows for connectedness to form into a shared meaning.


From witty banter to opinions and beliefs on specific topics, this can create a connection that keeps you intrigued with each other. Mental stimulation can be very common for intellectual types which is a huge turn-on.

When sharing information with your partner it’s important to keep an open mind. Even if you don’t agree, refrain from belittling or ridiculing your partner’s beliefs and vice versa. It’s important to respect your differences out of respect for the relationship.


Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. While you and your partner may have an appreciation for art, interior design, nature, etc it’s important you realize you may see things very differently from each other.

Lots of aesthetics are open to interpretation and supporting your partner’s perspective can bring ever-lasting beauty into your connection. From walking on the beach during sunset to forest bathing in nature while on a good hike, or visiting art galleries on the weekends, you and your partner can bond over these simple, yet magical moments.


How can relationships survive without communication? They would be nonexistent. While some partners prefer to be communicative all day, others may prefer to reserve their communication when they are face to face with a partner. Either way, open communication is what allows the connection to breathe and maintain an ever-lasting love.

What is supercritical when you are communicating with your partner is that you are giving them your undivided attention and keeping a calm demeanor. Eye contact and tone of voice are essential to making the other person feel heard and understood without interrupting one another. We recommend leaving “pointing the finger” comments and ultimatums, also known as demands, out of your communication if you want to keep communication channels healthy.

However, if you are feeling like there is a lot of silence in your connection then, setting a communication boundary may be beneficial.

While how you talk to your partner is key to keeping them engaged, so is active listening. Most fail to realize how important this skill is in communication. In fact, you can get further with a person through listening than talking when trying to resolve differences. Active listening requires you to ask more questions to fully understand your partner and inquire about anything that may leave you puzzled. You are listening to understand versus replying to be heard.


The most common form of intimacy people think of when they hear the word intimacy is sexual. Sexual intimacy involves the safety of openly expressing with a partner how often you desire sex, what your needs, desires, and fantasies are.

Each partner should feel safe to express with their partner what turns them on or what turns them off. Keeping yourself emotionally and physically safe can also require setting sexual boundaries when you are with your partner. This lets your partner know what your limits are so you feel comfortable and have trust in the bedroom…or wherever you wish to engage in sex or foreplay.


Are you and your partner into the arts? If so, creating intimacy and bonding can be found by taking a painting class, cooking lessons, or maybe learning photography to snap your favorite moments.

Taking on a huge project like revamping a house or cooking holiday meals together can also provide you with quality time and the planning of your future together.


If you and your partner are the sporty or competitive type, then this is for you. From playing golf or tennis together or running a marathon, the two of you will bond over having a common hobby to engage in together. This can keep both of you engaged and help keep the relationship thriving from the daily grind. Remember to keep it fun without trying to beat your partner. This will completely defeat the purpose of creating intimacy.


It’s great for a relationship to have goals to strive towards just like it is in your personal life. Whether it’s about buying your first home together, starting a family, or traveling the world together, this can help keep your relationship moving forward.

You’ll want to have an open dialogue with your partner about your goals to make sure you share the same vision and are on the same page.


Every couple will argue from time to time. This is healthy and normal. But, how you recover from the disagreement is vital to the relationship. Conflict resolution is a skill every couple needs. If you can't recover from past wounds and are unable to express your needs this can leave the relationship in an uneasy state.

Being able to recover from conflict will allow the relationship to flourish and meet the needs of each partner as well as what the relationship needs as a whole.

If you and your partner have lost the spark or are looking to increase your intimacy, reach out to one of our coaches here to rescue your relationship.


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