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Boundary Badass 

If you answered yes to any of the above, stick with us...We have the solution to getting what you're worth!

Experiencing any of these signs in your relationships?
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  • There is a lack of trust or consistency                

  • Have feelings of anxiousness or confusion

  • Speaking up has left you powerless   

  • Saying "yes" when really want to say "no"

  • Fearful to express your needs

  • Needs are being neglected or ignored

  • Getting blamed for the relationship problems

  • There is a lack of integrity in their word

"Boundaries gave me 
a voice in 
my relationship"



"I have more patience and
inner peace in my life"


"I'm finally 
getting what I want
and need"



"I can confidently speak up
and be heard. The best feeling
in the world"


What Our Clients Are Saying...

Kristie, Los Angeles

Jonie, Chicago 

 Boundaries Get  Your Needs Met! 

Here's what you will receive in our online course...

What You Get!

  • A Digital Workbook Full of Easy How-To Exercises, Support, and Accountability Techniques

  • 4-Step Boundary Badass Method To Apply To All of Your Relationships, Both Personally and Professionally

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What's In The Course?

Think you're bad at setting boundaries? You're not alone. Most people struggle with this skill. But it's essential for a healthy, happy life. That's why we've created the Boundary Badass online course.


In this seven-week program, you'll learn how to set boundaries that work for you, speak confidently during difficult conversations, and create a life that honors your values and needs. 


Being a compassionate person you may endlessly go out of your way to support everyone else in your life. However, sometimes it feels like you are constantly giving, giving, giving, and receiving a little in return. Deep down inside, you know you are worthy of so much more but are unsure how to receive the respect you deserve. 


This course will help you establish respect from others by setting boundaries and getting your needs met. You are going to be able to embrace your inner voice and own your self-worth while creating space for happiness, freedom, and peace of mind. 

100% Guaranteed.png

“Even after receiving a Masters in psychology, we still felt we needed an easy way to express our emotional needs without feeling ignored. With our professional expertise and personal experience, we created a proven value-based method that is simple and quick to use in any relationship: with a romantic partner, a work colleague, family members, or your friends. Being able to set boundaries from a place of value and knowing exactly what to say has changed our lives for the better. And that’s why we are sharing it with you. We guarantee you will benefit from our Boundary Badass Course and achieve the healthy relationship you desire. The best part - you will no longer feel like a hostage in your mind, you will feel free to breathe. ”
       Jan & Jillian

  • Feel uncomfortable when differences arise

  • Settle for less than you know you need or desire

  • Smother a person with excessive needs or control     

  • Feel ignored or underappreciated 

  • Keep a relationship alive that goes against your values  

  • Adjust your life to suit others

  • Shy away from speaking up  

  • Feel unlovable and not a priority

  • Chase a person to prove your worth 

Having The Confidence To Set Boundaries Is The Most Badass Thing You Can Do!

Why You Need Boundaries...And Signs You May Not Notice

Business Colleagues

Are you ready to
be a BADASS?

Speak your Truth

Speaking from a place of value
gives you the ability to be heard
and understood. When you value
yourself others will too. 

Boundaries give you the ability to
know you are in alignment with your
authentic truth. This allows you to
decide how individuals fit into your

You will be able to handle adversity
with ease. You will gain inner
strength to face anything that
comes your way.

  • Be valued and respected



  • Find inner peace and own your truth


  • Feel powerful when faced with conflict


We have seen our boundary course work for every type of person and background for relationship success.

We know once you begin using boundaries, you will see how peaceful and happy your life can be.

The cost of NOT taking action can keep you stuck in toxic and painful relationships and take a toll on you emotionally and physically.

At the end of the day, what is your

happiness, respect, and peace worth to you?

The Boundary Badass course will give you the confidence to ask for what you need without feeling nervous, anxious, or fearful.


  • Bridge the gap between your differences

  • Become valuable in your relationships

  • Feel inner peace and happiness

  • Connect to your values

  • Communicate your needs with ease

  • Feel powerful in your conversations

  • Resolve conflict quickly and efficiently

  • Feel heard and understood by others 

Valued at $797
and YOurs Today
for Only $150

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