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Why Being High-Maintenance Is A Bad Thing

Why Being High-Maintenance Is A Bad Thing

Do you challenge him to see what he is willing to do for you or see how far he will bend over backward to lavish you with gifts and vacations? 

If so, this high-maintenance way of thinking is likely to lead him to resent you before long. A worthy man will find it disrespectful and emasculating to his manhood.

He will not want to be treated like a servant. He will want respect and appreciation for what he brings to the relationship, not his financial resources. Relationships are all about relating to each other to connect on a deeper level to create unity and intimacy.

While a man needs to put in the effort to appreciate you, he will want to do it on his own will and be the gentleman he actually desires to be. If he values himself as a highly influential man, he will desire a high-value woman by his side who treats him equally great emotionally, not just physically. 

Any high-value man knows the value of his worth and will desire qualities in a woman that his money cannot buy. He will crave a woman who inspires him to be the best version of himself. Someone he can grow with overtime and elevate his lifestyle to become a power couple. 

A woman of high-value will honor her worth by naturally commanding respect, not handbags and stilettos. This is the type of woman he cannot live without because her value is irreplaceable.

Here Are 5 Reasons Why He Wants High-Value (Not High-Maintenance):

1.Asking Versus Demanding

Do you find yourself demanding your partner of certain tasks? Requesting him to cook dinner every night after a long work day or pick-up your dry cleaning because you’re just not in the mood. Or even telling him to drive you to work so you don’t have to use your own financial means for all day parking.

Expecting your partner to do things you are capable of, but don’t feel like doing is insulting to him and your relationship. He didn’t sign-up to be your handyman or chauffeur by the hour. If you want your man to respect and love you, then you have to show him the same kind of respect you desire in return.

Asking him to help with dinner because you work late or asking if he minds grabbing the dry cleaning because it’s on his way home is courteous of his time. By simply asking him for a favor shows him you appreciate him in your life and respect him as an equal partner. And perhaps, he doesn’t mind dropping you off on his way to work in the morning, but this shows him that you value his generosity.

When you kindly ask your partner to help you out, you are more likely to receive a positive response from him. He will gladly help you out because he cares about your happiness and well-being, as it will benefit him long-term. Regardless of your needs, just don’t expect him to pick-up your stuff without asking first. Invest in him by asking and he will mutually invest in you.

2.Appreciation Versus Expectation

You expect him to wine and dine at the most luxurious restaurants. Bring your coffee every morning before you rise out of bed and head to the office. And you love when he picks-up flowers on his way home from work because you think you deserve them every day. Yet, the minute he isn’t catering to your expectations, you begin to wonder if you even want to keep dating him. 

A high-value woman doesn’t have expectations when it comes to her partner or relationship. She has standards like a queen and wants to provide the same value for him. 

She will appreciate a man who plans a date night once a week, making their relationship a top priority. At the same time, she is also happy spending an evening at home with him watching funny movies or playing a board game for some quality time. 

She is beyond grateful when he wakes her up with coffee in the morning on the weekends. But she is willing to do the same for him without notice. Whoever wakes up first usually brews the java because they both believe teamwork makes the dream work.

And, if he surprises her with flowers to say I love you, she makes sure she tells him how much she appreciates him for his thoughtful gesture. She never skips a beat in letting him know just how much he means to her. She appreciates him for who he is not because of what he can do.

3. WE Mindset Versus ME Mindset

You feel your man should provide for you and give you whatever you want even when the timing may not be the best of circumstances. It’s your world and he is just walking in your shadow instead of next to you. You don’t even know what makes him happy, but as long as you are happy this all that matters. 

If the only person you are thinking about in your relationship is you, then it will be difficult to resolve discord when it arises. When you operate from a ME mindset, you will find yourself at an impasse leading to a bigger drawn out argument. Not being able to understand his perspective when working through differences will make your relationship emotionally challenged.

If you are unable to incorporate your partner’s perspective when experiencing differences, then you may be experiencing a lack of emotional intelligence. 

Emotional intelligence is a fundamental element in creating a harmonious and fulfilling relationship that supports both partner’s needs. It allows each partner to actively listen to their partner’s needs, be non-reactive to discord, show empathy and unconditional support, and express vulnerability with each other to reach alignment with each other. 

A woman who operates from a WE mindset knows her partner’s needs are equally as important as hers. She wants to make sure he is happy and fulfilled in the relationship the same as she is. 

She has meaningful conversations with him to learn about his interests even if they are not her thing because they are important to him. She is willing to put her own needs aside when he needs a little TLC to find balance in the dynamic of their relationship. This is how they strengthen their bond and continually nurture to grow their connection.

4.Pamper With Respect Versus Pamper With Gifts

Being pampered with luxury vacations, handbags, and sparkly jewels are the quickest way to appease you. The more he spoils you, the more you think he loves you.

Even when he screws up, you immediately forgive him under one condition. He has to buy you the most extravagant gift on your wish list. A day of shopping is the quickest way for you to forgive him, whereas the quickest way to a high-value woman’s heart is loyalty.

A remarkable woman will not accept materialistic items to make up for the loss of respect. In fact, she’ll laugh if a man tries to buy her love or admiration. She will find him quite useless to her love life, as she can afford her own lavish gifts. She will desire a partner who gives a sincere apology for his actions while making changes to be a better man and respect her relationship values. 

She values everything money can’t buy, like, respect, kindness, integrity, and consistent communication. She knows her worth is priceless and that is exactly what she wants in a man. To value her for her. 

5.Independent Versus Dependent

A woman who is constantly seeking external gratification is likely placing her worth in the hands of a man. This means your partner is the center of your world and your value is determined by your relationship status. 

When it comes to your passions and interests in life, you tend to neglect them as they are no longer a priority. The minute you enter a relationship, you stop taking care of your internal world. 

Your partner becomes the oxygen you live off. And without him, you feel like you’re not good enough standing on your own two feet. Your world completely crashes without someone by your side because it’s the only security you know. 

He mentions how needy you can be, depending on him for everything. This type of relationship will soon reach an imbalance, with him taking you for granted knowing you’re unable to thrive without him.

An independent woman gives herself security and serenity knowing herself inside and out. She knows who she is, what she stands for, and feels whole with or without a partner by her side. This is the sexiest thing to a high-value man because he knows she doesn’t need him, she wants him. 

A high-value man craves a woman who has her own inner drive and passion in life outside of the relationship. This keeps him mentally intrigued, continuously drawing him back in. He knows he can always learn something new from her which elevates his lifestyle to the highest level. 

A worthy man knows an independent woman isn’t afraid to set healthy boundaries and ask for her needs. She is confident, knowing she deserves respect from her partner. Owning who she is keeps him valuing her long-term as she seeks security within, not from him. 

If you are struggling to get your needs met or find a high-value man who respects you, then it may be good to perform a self-assessment to see if you are projecting the opposite of what you want. To receive an everlasting commitment with a man, it will be imperative to come from a place of value, not high-maintenance. This is where you will attract a high-value man who honors you, respects and gives you exactly what you want most, a relationship.

There seems to be a lot of confusion around what it means to be high-maintenance versus high-value. A quality man will not put up the tactics of a high-maintenance woman. He will want a woman who is of high-value next to his side. This article uncovers the difference and what it takes to be the woman he will commit to. Are you her? #relationships #relationshipadvice #selfhelp #datingtips #confidence

There seems to be a lot of confusion around what it means to be high-maintenance versus high-value. A quality man will not put up the tactics of a high-maintenance woman. He will want a woman who is of high-value next to his side. This article uncovers the difference and what it takes to be the woman he will commit to. Are you her? #relationships #relationshipadvice #selfhelp #datingtips #confidence

There seems to be a lot of confusion around what it means to be high-maintenance versus high-value. A quality man will not put up the tactics of a high-maintenance woman. He will want a woman who is of high-value next to his side. This article uncovers the difference and what it takes to be the woman he will commit to. Are you her? #relationships #relationshipadvice #selfhelp #datingtips #confidence


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