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If You Don't Want To End Up In The Wrong Relationship, Then Read This

We’ve all been told that putting ourselves first can be a sign of selfishness or narcissism. However, is self-love selfish? And, can you practice self-love in a relationship?

When we think of a person who generally puts their needs before others, we think of them as having narcissistic personality disorder or downright egotistical. At the same time, learning to love ourselves isn’t about putting our needs on a golden pedestal – it’s about recognizing and honoring our own intrinsic value.

And when we do that, everything else in our lives falls into place in a peaceful way. We’re more likely to take care of ourselves, both mentally and physically, be kinder and show more compassion with others. People who believe they are worthy of love tend to have better success, relationships, higher salaries, feel more confident in themselves, and are more attractive.

No matter what you have been told, self-love can be taught so you can receive an abundance of love in the most healthy way. Find out why it’s time to CHOOSE YOU!

Here Are Five Self-Love Tips You Cannot Live Without:

1. Finding Your Happiness

Everyone deserves to be happy but when someone seeks their happiness externally through a partner, social media validation, or finances this can leave you feeling empty if they were to disappear tomorrow. Creating happiness starts and ends with you. It’s a choice you have to be willing to make each and every day.

Often people think being happy is some grand gesture, euphoric feeling, or an achievement in life. In reality, it can be as simple as engaging in a passion project, doing self-care routines, setting boundaries for internal peace, spending time with those who inspire you, or listening to music. It’s whatever sets your heart on fire and keeps you feeling grounded, yet blissful.

2. Pouring From A Full Cup

Life can get busy really easily to the point you forget about what it is you need to thrive. You're so busy putting everyone else's needs before your own that there is no time for you. This can leave you running on empty and living off fumes. And, when the gas hits empty it means you aren’t going anywhere you desire.

Learning to love yourself daily doesn’t have to be time-consuming. It can be as simple as a five-minute journaling session or meditation when you wake up, a quick 30 minutes pilates class, or meal prepping on Sundays so you don’t consume junk throughout the week. Only you can decide you truly need to fill up your cup.

3. Making Better Relationship Choices

Knowing who you are and what you need to be fulfilled in your relationships begins with knowing yourself inside and out. If there is an inability to understand what gives your emotional connectedness with a partner, it will be hard to ask for it. And, we silence our voices in our relationship, this can lead to unhealthy cycles of heartbreak and toxicity.

Also, there is nothing wrong with being alone. This is you saying “I know what I deserve and I’m not willing to settle for anything less.” Taking your time in getting to know someone new and slowly pacing out the dating phase allows you to process the connection and determine if this person is right for you. It also allows you to effectively communicate your needs without getting caught up in the lust or chemistry of the relationship.

4. Honoring Your Values Attracts Abundance

How do you show yourself self-love? By defining your values. When you know your values, it makes all the difference in making life decisions that much easier. Committing to your values throughout your daily interactions with others lets others know you respect yourself. This lets them know where to meet you and the standards they will need to rise to if they want to be in your life.

At the end of the day, others admire those who confidently know what they bring to the table. You’re not settling for crumbs from a partner, an employer, or your family and friends for that matter. Toxic nonsense is so last year and unacceptable when you start loving yourself inside and out. You humbly walk away from anything that is unwilling to honor your values because it is no longer fulfilling to you.

5. Accepting Your Authentic Self

Why is self-love so important? When you are authentically living, you are aligned with your inner truth and aren't’ fearful to speak up. You fully accept your weaknesses and strengths as part of who you are while continuing to love all of you as a whole. At the same, you don’t allow others to use your shortcomings as a weapon against you because you have learned to embrace them as part of your unique soul.

Manipulators will look for weaknesses in others to play on them for power, but when you can’t be emotionally triggered, then you will be seen as invincible. Being vulnerable and authentically you is the most badass thing you can do when building remarkable relationships with others.

How can self-love change your life? It starts by following these five self-love tips so you can be successful in any area of your life. Self-love will help get you started on the path to finding your happiness and abundance of self-love and confidence. And if you are feeling overwhelmed and not sure where to start, just ask! We would be happy to set up a call with you and discuss how we can support you in designing a life you love to get what you’re worth.


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