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5 Ways To Seduce A Man Without Taking Off ANY Of Your Clothes

He’ll be hooked.

When you first meet a guy, you might think you need to have sex with him in order to have a deeper relationship or make him attracted to you.

This is bound to backfire. Because once a guy has sex with you, he no longer feels like has to work at winning your heart.

Your goal is to captivate his mind by keeping him dancing on his tippy toes.

Learning the charismatic art of seduction requires you staying true to you.

Here are 5 ways to seduce a man with your heart and soul —  instead of your beautiful body —  so you can build a healthy relationship from the start:

1. Have intellectual conversations

He wants a mental match that will hold his stamina and entice his mind, making him think on a deeper level. He craves intriguing conversations that show you can hold your own weight —  socially or sitting at home.

He desires a woman who can add value to his life allowing the relationship to grow.

There’s no room for complacency in his life, as men can get quite bored and restless when there is a lack of stimulating discussions.

He’s definitely not looking for arm candy, he wants to be proud to be with you.

Those fluffy, cotton candy superficial convos won’t do. He is bound to test your mental willpower with random topics or environments when going on dates to see how well you can handle him. His curious mind will be on the hunt searching for answers to see how well-rounded you are. He wants to assure you won’t let him down when he asks you to join him for a work event or family gathering.

If you aren’t able to carry thought-provoking conversations, more than likely you won’t make the cut.

2. Develop an authentic core.

A man loves to be mentally seduced by a woman who remains true to herself from the inside out. He loves when a woman knows who she is, know what she wants, and isn’t afraid to genuinely express herself.

You’ll want to know your values when it comes to living life and creating a lifestyle you love —  with or without him. Expressing your authenticity in everything you do is bold and intoxicating.

You’re a woman of your word.

Your natural raw state shines like the sunlight. You can captivate him in the blink of an eye, as your confidence is magnetic. Any man is bound to desire you. Your realness is infectious and refreshing.

Men love nothing more than a woman who is kind-hearted and down-to-earth.

He will want you to show up fully, so he can create a genuine connection with you. A man feels more at ease in connecting with you when you’re not consumed by the external world.

3. Be a Boundary Babe

When it comes to relationships, men will often try to see what they can get away with by pushing the boundaries. It’s their way of seeing if you are a strong enough woman to stand up to them.

It’s not necessarily because they are trying to be a jerk, the may not even realize they’re doing it. But they want to have a real relationship with someone who isn’t a pushover.

Good men desire a woman who won’t put up with selfish behavior. He will want you to show him that you know what you deserve by staying true to yourself. When you who command respect you know your worth.

If you show him you won’t accept his B.S., he is bound to find you that much more fascinating.

Setting boundaries isn’t about owning your worth.

It’s about communicating assertively in regards to the behavior you find unacceptable when working towards your relationship goals. The boundaries you set with him will be based on your beliefs and values. And how you treat yourself based on your values sets the tone of the relationship and how he will treat you.

For example, the man you’re dating make plans with you, then texts you with a last minute cancellation. You find this to be disrespectful and hurtful as you’re a woman of worth.

When communicating your feelings to him, it’s important to refrain from using a reactive voice or lashing out with accusatory language. Instead, let him know that his behavior is unacceptable based on your values.

Knowing your dating values is key to operating at ease when he’s evoking your emotions.

For instance, if a guy cancels on you at the last minute or in a disrespectful manner, you can establish a boundary to gain the respect you deserve by stating the following, “Integrity is something I value. I appreciate when there is follow-through. Is this something you can align with me on?”

This lets the man know his behavior was unacceptable and you’re not okay with him canceling on you.

If he respects you, he will own up to his actions and prevent last minute cancellation occurrences in the future. And hopefully he will reschedule like a gentleman of integrity.

4. Have a passion.

Men find it super sexy when you are passionate about something in your life. While this could be your career, usually men prefer something outside of the typical 9 to 5 talk when they’re outside of work. If all you have to chat about is work, it can get pretty dry over time.

When you have layers, it sets yourself apart from the crowd.

They want to know there is more to you than meets the eye.

Like, what drives you? What makes you smile or tick? Men want to dive in and learn about what captures your heart and soul. Layers create depth giving you meaning to who you are below the surface.

They are curious about what brings happiness in your life.

Perhaps you love to volunteering at the local animal shelter, or maybe you love to bake the best banana bread in the county. Whatever your passion is, they want to hear about it. It’s what makes you unique, creating a whole picture of who you are. And that is a huge turn on.

5.Embrace your grace.

While society has redefined what it means to be a woman these days in terms of career, a man still finds the feminine energy of a woman to be very attractive and alluring. From your style of dress to the way you talk, or your charismatic poise, these are all subconscious cues drawing in men to you.

Your energy speaks before you do.

And, if your instinct is to be a leader or be a go-getter in your career, you will want to let go of the reins in the initial stages of dating.

He loves a woman who is independent and self-sufficient, yet he will be easily turned off if you emasculate him with a domineering energy.

By opening your heart and leading from within, you’ll be sure to captivate him.

To really play up your feminine grace, you can express your feminine energy and graceful presence at best by dressing in lighter hues of fabric with delicate, soft textures such as lace, silk, cotton, and/or ruffles. Of course, you should only do this if it feels true to you, after all, part of being a woman of integrity is being who you are, inside.

When you have a natural essence of energy and joy about you, you’re more likely to also carry yourself in an elegant manner. And if you want men to stop in their tracks and say, “Who is she?”, embodying an unforgettable aura is sure to intrigue him.

The art of seducing a man may sound like a lot moving pieces.

However, when it comes to embracing each entity we have mentioned above, one without the other won’t do it.

Each of these five ways to seduce a man with your mind (and heart) has a defining reason as to why it’s important you accept yourself, as part of your magnetic mastermind attraction plan.

When you follow these ways as a whole, he is sure to keep seducing you…without taking your clothes off.

Source via YourTango and Latina


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