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11 Things A Guy Will Never Do Over Text If He Really Likes You

His texting habits reveal how he feels.

You are texting a guy you met online a couple of weeks ago. One minute he is attentive, and the next he is nowhere to be found. You’re beginning to wonder if he moved to a deserted island where wifi is non-existent.

A few days go by and you send out an S.O.S. text on Thursday, but it goes unanswered.

Monday rolls around and guess whose text pops up? You guessed right — it’s him!

With such inconsistent texting habits, you start to wonder, “Does he like me, or is he just using me?”

Figuring out how to tell if a guy likes you over text is straight-forward, as long as you know what red flags to look for. This dating advice can help you be aware of his true feelings, before yours get too serious.

If you want to know how to tell if a guy likes you over text, here are 11 things a man will never do if he’s totally into you.

1. He replies with short messages.

When you’re texting him, he replies with one-word answers or emoticons. And not only do you find yourself doing most of the texting, but you feel like you’re the only one carrying the weight of the conversation.

This is a sign that he isn’t invested in the connection the way you are. You deserve someone who wants to communicate with you on a consistent basis and mutually engages to learn more about you.

2. He never reaches out first.

Do you find yourself always having to always send the first text to get the conversation going? It’s innate for a man to want to pursue a woman he is interested in and get to know her on a deeper level.

If he isn’t texting you first, then the relationship is one-sided and he’s not that into you. And, no one deserves a one-sided relationship.

3. He responds to your questions, but doesn’t ask them.

A man who asks discovery questions is a man who wants to develop a connection with you. Discovery questions are open-ended questions that allow for a conversation to grow, so the two of you can learn about each other.

If you’re the one asking all of the questions, then he is probably on an ego high. Any man who simply lacks the ability to have a conversation will not meet your communication needs, which is pretty important for all relationships. This is a good sign that he doesn’t like you and is on his own agenda.

4. He goes completely MIA or takes hours to respond.

Let’s face it, we all are attached to our phones nowadays. We practically have them in our hands 24/7.

So, if a man is taking hours upon hours to respond or completely vanishes into thin air, then he is simply ignoring you. We are all actively productive these days, so “I’ve been busy,” is an old excuse in the book.

It’s a matter of importance and where he wants you in his life, so if he’s going MIA, he’s not really invested.

5. He lacks consistent communication.

As mentioned above, everyone uses their phone for almost everything in their life, personally and professionally.

If there’s a time when the conversation isn’t flowing back and forth between the two of you, then this is a sign he only feels like sending messages at his leisure. Making time for someone in their daily routine is a good indicator this person wants to invest in getting to know you further.

6. He only sends texts at late night hours.

His ability to make conversation during daylight hours is nonexistent. He only seems to blow up your phone for after-hours, which is a clear clue he is looking to hook up with you.

And, every woman is worth more than a man who wants to use her strictly for drunken sex. He’s all about getting high on life, not high on you.

7. He keeps things on the surface.

Every conversation you have with him stays on the surface. You’re starting to wonder who you are even talking to you. You know his favorite sports team and when he hits the gym after work, but you really can’t get much more out of him.

He keeps you at an arm’s length distance to prevent things from getting serious. He is emotionally unavailable and detached from getting to know you.

8. He moves his messaging to social media.

Your conversations started off via text, but now he is only conversing with you on social media platforms. He is sending you Snaps and DMs, yet won’t call you or send a text.

This means he is depersonalizing the connection and doesn’t value it enough to keep it growing on a more intimate level. You just became his follower.

9. He lives on social media, but is still not texting you back.

With modern technology, it’s easy to tell when someone is on social media.

If he is busy blowing up his Instagram story or posting on Facebook without sending you a text back, then he is simply saying you aren’t his number one girl. And, you deserve to be prioritized like a queen.

Thank you, next.

10. He refuses to call.

When a man doesn’t reciprocate your phone calls, then he could be with someone else. He is keeping his whereabouts a secret by texting you back versus calling. Or, perhaps he isn’t into talking on the phone.

This is where understanding his style of communication will be key to speaking his language. A change in behavior or communication style is also a good way to gauge if something is off with a new guy you’re dating.

11. He begins sexting.

He isn’t requesting dates with you but is asking to send him nudes. This dude is only thinking about using you.

A relationship shouldn’t reach the sexting level until you have already been intimate with one another and have a solid connection. Otherwise, this man will most likely not value you or commit to you.

This article was originally published on Your Tango 

How to know if a guy is using you


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