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Elevating Your Voice & Value

The pain of staying silent or shouting can be equally paralyzing, leaving one feeling powerless and insignificant, as Jan and Jillian experienced during their transformational experience. Silence often stems from fear, whether of judgment, rejection, or conflict, leading to a sharp sense of invisibility and frustration as unspoken words and unresolved issues accumulate.


On the other hand, shouting or overly expressing your emotions, often born out of desperation to be heard, can leave one feeling just as powerless, as it may push others away, amplify misunderstandings, and erode one's own sense of control and dignity. In both situations, the inability to communicate effectively traps individuals in a cycle of emotional turmoil and isolation, reinforcing feelings of voiceless or powerless which can be detrimental to one's life goals or relationships.

Assertively communicating one's value provides a powerful means for activating your authentic inner voice, allowing you to receive respect both personally and professionally in your relationships. It encourages you to share your thoughts, ideas, and beliefs, which elevates your ability to be seen as a high-value individual or company when engaging in intellectual conversations. Your message can influence and inspire those around you when sharing stories, expressing interests, or validating opinions, making an everlasting impact.

Jan and Jillian have spent the last two decades developing their strategies to create confidence, activate one's inner voice, build connection, and communicate in a powerful way where others are willing to listen. The sisterly duo will share with you audience the steps they took to voice their value and some of the challenges they faced when discovering how to be become high-value.



Voicing our value creates an emotional experience where we feel supported and appreciated knowing that our words can shape or alter our engagement positively and lead to better decision-making. 



The most valuable asset to help us cultivate genuine connections and initiate greater change is our voice. It can break down barriers, bridge the gap between different perspectives, and build trustworthy relationships.



Confidently communicating in a clear and concise manner can prevent misunderstandings, allowing the opportunity to be heard and understood regardless when challenges arise. 

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