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Setting Boundaries For Success

Living life without boundaries is something Jan and Jillian know quite a bit about. In the past, making requests in their relationships with romantic partners and friends, only to be ignored left them feeling powerless and frustrated. Upon leaving their small town roots for a metropolitan city, they had to go through a self-discovery journey to set boundaries for success. 

Setting boundaries is something many people can struggle with as its not something learned in the home, at school, or in books until they wrote their International Best Seller, Boundary Badass. Lots of individuals can experience challenges around asking for what they want or need, experience deep rooted fears of how other people will react, become emotionally triggered due to unresolved childhood wounds, or because they don't have the communication skills to resolve conflict in an amicable manner. 

Setting boundaries in every facet of our lives, both personally and relational, can allow you to achieve success and feel powerful. Boundaries provide the means to assertively communicate in a way that honors self-respect and mutual respect without jeopardizing one's connections. Their value-based framework encourages people to share their thoughts, feelings, and beliefs, unapologetically where they create an opportunity to turn conflict into a constructive conversation. It takes a 'we mindset' to influence and inspire those around you to want to work together in the best interest of all parties involved while simultaneously honoring self-respect and mutual respect.

Jan and Jillian have spent the last two decades developing their strategies to create personal and professional alignment, communicate through a value-based framework, all while remaining relationship driven for success. The sisterly duo will share with your audience some of the challenges they faced when living without boundaries and the steps they took to transform their relationships with their Boundary Badass Method.


Value-Based Framework

Values are universally understood, where emotions are one-sided perspectives that often get misunderstood. Communicating with values support a healthier connection.


Personal alignment 

Setting boundaries creates personal and professional alignment where you can own your worth and communicate with ease, all while feeling powerful and aligned.


Relationship driven

Using a 'we mindset' can open up the communication channels to resolve conflict without damaging relationships because it honors both parties's needs where each have a voice. 

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