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Life Elevation Program

Get What You're Worth!

Grow Your Vision

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It's Time To Stop Selling Yourself Short...
And, Start Honoring Your Worth
In Life, Career, and Love!


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We help professionals elevate their inner power to the next level and create life balance so they can have it all

Challenges That Keep You Stuck

  • Second-guessing your choices because of outside opinions

  • Unable to achieve your personal or professional goals 

  • Life constantly feels challenging - you can't catch a break

  • Often afraid to address conflict because you fear the outcome 

  • People dismiss your boundaries and tend to take you for granted

  • No matter what you do, it never seems to be enough 

  • Feeling overwhelmed and stressed with life responsibilities 


I worked with Jillian on how to deal with my toxic boss as it was causing lots of sleepless nights and affecting my work productivity. I learned how to establish healthy boundaries based on my professional values so I could feel more at peace in the office. Also, found out my work relationships are very similar to my personal relationships-mind-blowing. Coaching has literally has changed my life and gave me a new perspective on all my relationships, thank you for all your help! 

Christine, Ft. Lauderdale

Work-Life Balance

We help professionals identify career opportunities, build their self-worth, expand their social life, and find personal fulfillment to strive towards greater happiness to live their best life. 


Our Boundary Badass Method gives our clients a voice in getting their personal and professional needs met to increase mutual respect, establish constructive interactions, and form long-lasting connections. 


Most often relationship problems start with a lack of effective communication and confidence. Coaching will help you achieve clarity while reaching your relationship goals with those you value in your life. 


What you have been taught about how to achieve personal fulfillment in life is the opposite of what works.

  • Trying to control the outcome 


  • Seeking external fulfillment



  • Avoiding and escaping frustrations



Attempting to control others

or scenarios will keep you

feeling out of control

Shopping, attention from others,

and new cars are short-lived highs

that create long-term setbacks

Hoping problems will

eventually fade or go away

usually exacerbates them

Life Elevation Coaching

  • Embrace your most authentic self  


  • Set yourself free from stress and worries





  • Set healthy boundaries like a badass



  • Elevate your life to the next level


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Approaching life decisions will come with clarity and certainty. You will be able to align with your values and confidently follow a path meant for you and achieve success in all areas of your life. 

Freeing yourself from stress will allow you to feel powerful and give you the confidence to pursue your desires and dreams without worrying about the opinions or thoughts of others.

You trust yourself to speak up with charisma and grace. Boundaries give you a valuable place of respect while honoring what feels good as a person to maintain work-life balance. 

Self-awareness is the key to unlocking your success. The more you believe in yourself and are in tune with your abilities the easier it is to ask for and receive the growth you desire.


How We Can Work Together:

As Life Coaches, we work with our clients virtually. During your weekly coaching session, we will establish the root causes of your challenges, provide expert insight, and implement techniques to achieve your life goals and aspirations.

What Is Included:

  • A 12-week customizable coaching plan aligned to your life goals

  • Daily message support to gain insight and feedback for the best results

  • Expert relationship and life skills from a therapist and certified life coach that will elevate your life at any stage

  • Self-care and Self-love guides

  • Access to our Boundary Badass Course

  • Psychological techniques to build healthy relationships, boost your confidence and self-worth, and create a life you desire

I was feeling dissatisfied with my job and looking for a way to make a change. Jan helped me take a dive into my personality and lifestyle choices to learn more about my strengths and shortcomings for career satisfaction. I definitely have challenged myself and improved some of my professional skills to become a better leader. While doing this, I was approached with a new job title and role with my current job and now feel valuable to the team. 


Sam, New York City

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I own a digital branding company but was struggling to make time for my partner, take care of my kids, and keep my clients happy. It seemed like I was being pulled in all directions and had no time for myself. Working with Jillian helped me get organized in my company so I had more free time. I also discovered how to deal with conflict better instead of brushing it under the rug. I am a happy person but any time conflict would arise I would shut down and not deal with it. Today, I have more inner peace, better relationships, and can actually spend time with my family. 

Jeanette, Atlanta

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